Real estate perceived as a strategic enabler

Global Real Estate Perspective August 2022

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As companies emerge from the pandemic amid the ongoing geopolitical crisis, they face several critical challenges:

  • The execution of their strategic objectives is more complex and outsourcing services more sophisticated.

  • The power shift from the employer to employees is forcing organizations to reimagine workplace and portfolio strategies.

  • Technology is becoming a crucial platform to boost performance levels on all fronts.

The pandemic has served as a powerful reminder of the fragility of our real estate ecosystem and the risks to which organizations are exposed. After a period of rapid change comes an opportunity to pause and to think strategically about the future. CRE leaders are now at that moment. They face a series of challenges over the next three years and have critical decisions to make now, which will have a lasting impact on how their organization operates across the rest of this decade and beyond.

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As well as the short-term challenges of operational agility, resilience and efficiency, organizations are planning ahead for longer-term workplace changes. They are using this moment to reassess whether their portfolio is fit for purpose in light of market conditions and are pushing forward initiatives designed to address collaboration, performance and human experience for a dispersed workforce