Meet our

It’s our people who make the difference. JLL's leaders help our clients achieve their ambitions. 
Christian Ulbrich
President and Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Plaines
Global Chief Financial Officer
Richard Bloxam
Global Chief Executive Officer Capital Markets
Anthony Couse
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific
John Forrest
Global Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Solutions
Guy Grainger
Chief Executive Officer, EMEA
Jeff Jacobson
Chief Executive Officer, LaSalle Investment Management
Trish Maxson
Chief Administrative Officer
Greg O’Brien
Chief Executive Officer, Americas
Anthony Couse
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific
Agnes Lim
Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific
Stephen Conry
Chief Executive Officer, Australia
Stuart Crow
CEO Capital Markets, Asia Pacific
Kirstie Ellard
Chief Human Resources Officer, Asia Pacific
Chris Fossick
Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Asia
KK Fung
Chief Executive Officer, Greater China
George Thomas
Chief Information Officer, and Head of Technology, Data & Information Management
Nicole Worthington
Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific
Jordi Martin
Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Solutions, Asia Pacific
Ramesh Nair
CEO & Country Head, India
Megan Walters
Head of Research, Asia Pacific
Albert Ovidi
Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific
Toshinobu Kasai
Country Head, Japan
Jeremy Sheldon
Head of Markets, Asia Pacific

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