Client story

Occupancy planning for a clinical research firm

JLL seamlessly restacked 8,000 employees and 60 business units without impact to operations. Created space for additional headcount of 1,000 through mobility programme.




1.4M sq. ft.


36 offices

  • The client needed to evaluate options for consolidating two buildings in Bengaluru based on workplace utilisation, across the extended working hours and varying shift timings
Solution & value creation:
  • Conducted occupancy assessment and implemented space data management programme

  • Developed current and final state blocking plans and stacking plans based on high-level scenarios

  • Project concluded with detailed management presentation highlighting all possible outcomes and solutions
  • Restacking of 8,000 employees and 60 business units seamlessly without any impact to business operations

  • Released space to accommodate additional 1,000 headcount by implementing mobility programme