Tony Pratt

National Director, Valuation, Plant & Machinery

My name is Tony Pratt and I have been working at JLL for the last five years. I am a plant and machinery valuer and have been doing this job for the last 30 years. This was with two previous international companies. As the National Director of plant machinery valuations I look after a team of seven other valuers throughout New Zealand and work closely with my colleagues in Australia. This makes us by far the largest team in New Zealand. Along with being the largest we are also the most experienced together with a mix of two graduate valuers assisting our six senior valuers.

Having this wealth of experience together with the JLL brand has meant we have retained and gained many of New Zealand's largest companies as clients. This includes oil companies, airlines, building product manufacturers, dairy companies, many food processing organisations, wineries, breweries and numerous hospitality organisations. For some of these companies we undertake their work throughout the world which is meant travel for many of our team to Australia, all over South America, Asia and the Middle East. It's pretty easy to see why I enjoy the job so much given the travel and together with the support of a brand and reputation like JLL it makes it a good environment to work in.

I can see why from a graduate's perspective it would be a great place to join. There are opportunities to take advantage of the worldwide network when going on your OE and whilst here there is such a large range of business lines that you could develop into to get a wide range of experience across the entire property profession.​

One of the major strengths of JLL is the whole concept of teamwork whether it is part of our plant and machinery team, advisory team or in the individual offices that we operate in or throughout New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world. We have great communication from all over JLL through our web site, daily internal emails and opportunities to meet with our colleagues at Director level to see how we can grow our brand and business units across the Asia Pacific region.