Dale Winfield

Dale Winfield

Executive Director, Head of Valuation Advisory New Zealand

As one of New Zealand’s most reputable valuers, Dale comes equipped with 20 years of experience. Prior to joining JLL in 2010, Dale spent 10 years working in Dunedin, London, and Auckland where he gained experience across the private and public sectors in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Together with his specialist team of retail valuers, Dale has been involved in the majority of larger retail transactions in New Zealand recently, utilising a unique retail database to provide first-hand knowledge.  
Dale is involved in key retail modelling for development feasibility, ranging from small convenience centres through to larger regional developments.

In 2017 Dale was rewarded for his successes and contributions to New Zealand’s property industry after he was presented with the RICS ‘Property Professional of the Year’ award.

Dale is also a member on all of the major New Zealand Registered Bank valuation panels.