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Property & Asset Management

Work with us for commercial property management that reduces risk and retains tenants.


We understand property and employ a specialist team of asset management professionals whose goal is to realise your values, mitigate risk exposure and maintain a positive tenant-landlord relationship.​

As acknowledged specialists of property and asset management we believe strongly in our award winning offering which enables us to stand out.

It’s simple - we’re dedicated to achieving your ambitions as if they were our own and we do this by looking for new and innovative methods whenever we can to add value to your assets – maximising profit.

 As a property investor, we’re aware of the evolving challenges that you face today. Environmental sustainability is a must these days, yet has to be delicately balanced with providing quality services and cost effective decisions – all with increased transparency.

 That’s where our team can help. We have property and asset management specialists in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – giving you specialist coverage across the New Zealand market. Our nationwide presence gives us an array of resources and infrastructure at our disposal to use in achieving the ambitions you are working towards.

Our Service offerings in these areas are broken down into the following areas: 

Commercial Property Management 

Our eight service areas are co-ordinated and delivered by bespoke client delivery teams across New Zealand:

• Tenancy management

• Facilities management

• Risk management

• Property accounting

• Lease administration

• Retail property management

• Market leading business technology

• Energy and sustainability

Asset Management

We realise that looking to the future is important for any investor. It’s investors that can innovate to identify future opportunities and consolidate on their current assets that reap the most rewards.

This is where our Asset Management team can help. Embracing digital technology with the data and insights it provides has allowed our team to build a strong track record of identifying opportunities and implementing unique strategies. Opportunities are identified from the following:

• Industry connections and local knowledge of market

• Web based real time reporting

• Property and management accounting

• Environmental and sustainability reporting

• Customer service centre that logs tenant service requests

We know that you need human experience and insight to go with this technology. That’s where we take advantage of our regional and global network of professionals to get their insights and thoughts.

 This approach helps us to help you stay one step ahead and achieve your ambitions.

Take a look through our practice areas on the left to get an idea of our specific offerings. 


View our Property & Asset Management brochure (​1 MB)

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