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Investors & Developers

Work with the leading experts in New Zealand and maximise the value of your real estate assets through their life cycles.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are a team dedicated to nurturing our client relationships and their portfolios – large or small, complex or straight forward – we understand the unique investor and owner requirements and assets. With our experience spanning over 25 years across the New Zealand market we are the experts in our field and our proven track record of success speaks for itself.

  • Office Leasing

    Partner with our team whose strategic and proactive approach to leasing your commercial real estate assets will enable you to focus on continuous financial growth.

  • Project and Development Services

    Financial feasibility is at the heart of all capital works we undertake. Rely on us to identify all the options, deliver best results and prove the viability of your next project.

  • Hotels and Hospitality

    Leverage our market-leading hotel real estate expertise, extensive research and market intelligence.

  • Sales and Investments

    Leverage our financial and real estate acumen to achieve the optimum price, a speedy transaction and certainty of closing for your sale or acquisition.

  • Transaction Management

    We ensure transactions across your portfolio are executed consistently, in line with your business objectives.

  • Valuations and Advisory

    We provide you with impartial and market leading advice backed by sophisticated cash-flow valuation models and benchmarking data, that results in pinpoint accuracy.

  • Workplace Strategy

    Does your workplace support your business objectives, underpin your culture and differentiate your brand? Learn more about Workplace Strategy from one of our experts.

  • Facility Management

    Let us increase the productivity of your real estate portfolio by reducing costs, minimising risk and increasing end-user satisfaction.

  • Energy and Sustainability

    Our team focuses on delivering solutions so you can make sound commercial decisions that support your sustainability and bottom-line objectives.

  • Property and Asset Management

    Benefit from our innovative and rigorous commercial property management strategies that focus on maximising rental income, and ultimately, asset value.

  • Research and Consulting

    We produce forecast and trend analysis covering all sectors to give you the insight to make strategic or tactical decisions.




Reviewing the Effects of Employment Intensification/new-zealand/en-gb/case-studies/5/reviewing-the-effects-of-employment-intensificationReviewing the Effects of Employment Intensification<p>As part of its review of Auckland’s Metropolitan Urban Limit, Auckland’s Regional Council needed quality information on what was going on in its suburbs. It called on a partner that knew the business of research inside out: Jones Lang LaSalle’s Research and Consultancy team. We completed a study for the Auckland Regional Council on employment intensification, measuring changes in employment between 2001 and 2005 in eleven centres around the Auckland region.<br><br>Using statistical data on employment growth, the study catalogued both total employment growth in the study centres as well as the increasing concentration of employees per hectare of business land.<br><br>With this study, Jones Lang LaSalle pushed the envelope by identifying and analysing trends which will affect occupiers and landlords in the future.  The study analysed the reasons why some centres were intensifying successfully and why other centres were lagging in employment growth.  Zoning configurations, transit capacity, availability of suitable sites for development and proximity to pools of customers and employees were identified, along with barriers to employment intensification.</p> <p><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/NewZealand/Reviewing-the-Effects-of-Employment-Intensification-1.jpg" border="0" alt="" style="border:0px solid;" /> </p>0x0100F03D47272AC15342926F7D713E448F1B00EB1C487C9E90A2419F545A2750B08453
Working with the Best Out West/new-zealand/en-gb/case-studies/6/working-with-the-best-out-westWorking with the Best Out West<p>Waitakere’s City Council has made significant investments into providing a framework to support and attract further business opportunities to its area.  In order to further this work, they needed an advisor that could provide strategic analysis on Waitakere’s competitive edge for businesses in the future. <br><br>Recognised as an industry leader, they approached Jones Lang LaSalle’s Research and Consultancy team. We provided them with an in depth report which covered analysis on the catalysts for business development relating to regional growth forecasted for the area in terms of customers, residents and businesses. <br><br>Our extensive research enabled us to confirm Waitakere’s unique positioning in the market, especially in light of Auckland’s constrained business and residential land supply situation. In fact, Waitakere’s attractiveness is only set to increase with the addition of over 200 ha of new business zoned land.<br><br>Jones Lang LaSalle’s strategic analysis was supported by a presentation attended by community members and a number of key influential people in the property sector.</p> <p> </p>0x0100F03D47272AC15342926F7D713E448F1B00EB1C487C9E90A2419F545A2750B08453
A Makeover That Truly Adds Value/new-zealand/en-gb/case-studies/2/a-makeover-that-truly-adds-valueA Makeover That Truly Adds Value<p>When Dorchestor Property Trust took on Jones Lang LaSalle to manage Auckland Club Tower (34 Shortland Street) in 2006, they knew about our excellent track record of adding value to the properties we look after. We didn’t let them down. </p> <p><img dir="rtl" style="border-right:0px solid;border-top:0px solid;border-left:0px solid;border-bottom:0px solid;" src="/SiteCollectionImages/34_Shortland_Street_thumb.jpg" align="right" border="0" />Auckland Club Tower was a B-Grade 18 storey CBD tower, generating an average rent of $215 per square metre and with a vacancy rate of over 12%</p> <p>Jones Lang LaSalle looked closely at the building and came up with an asset strategy that included capital and tenancy upgrades, new leases, lease renewals and rent reviews on over 33% of the building, as well as a strategic marketing plan for the vacant space. </p> <p>Our proactive management regime realised an annualised rental increase of $260,000pa, pushing average rentals up over the $260 per square metre mark. Our marketing activities meant the vacancy rate was reduced to just 5% and our risk management plan lowered the risk profile of the entire building through compliance programmes. </p> <p>Most significant of all was the end result to Dorchestor Property Trust; an asset that increased value from $23 million to over $30 million.</p>0x0100F03D47272AC15342926F7D713E448F1B00EB1C487C9E90A2419F545A2750B08453