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Integrated Portfolio Services

Is your real estate portfolio making you smarter? Achieving your business goals? How do you know?


​You have a corporate real estate portfolio to manage in addition to reducing costs and boosting productivity. You question whether your portfolio could be adding more value…but do you have the insight and time to find out? Most companies don’t—until now.

It’s time to stop thinking about real estate as an inflexible, long-term expense. By looking at your portfolio holistically using data and analytics, you can increase speed-to-market, attract and retain talent, enable expansion, and even reduce your real estate costs by 10 to 20 percent. How? One seamless team leveraging your entire portfolio’s potential with one goal: helping you achieve yours.

Best of all, it’s tailored to you. Scalable service levels mean you can use what you need when you need it. A portfolio management approach ensures you can access crucial resources in the future yet only use what you need today.

Smart portfolio management is simply good business. May the smartest portfolio win.