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Corporate & Occupiers

Improve the productivity, efficiency and performance of your corporate real estate portfolio with the leading New Zealand industry experts.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As one of the top three costs for a company, real estate portfolios must be managed strategically and efficiently to be a powerful tool for your business. Our team of local experts deliver tailored real estate strategies so clients can achieve significant cost savings, increased productivity of workplaces and ultimately a proficiently working portfolio.​

  • Integrated Portfolio Services

    You have a corporate real estate portfolio to manage in addition to reducing costs and boosting productivity.

  • Energy and Sustainability

    Draw from lessons we have learned worldwide to help extend your sustainability strategy and implement programs that reduce both carbon footprints and operating costs.

  • Health and Aged Care

    Obtain advice on the pricing structure, affordability and risks associated with healthcare, retiree housing options and residential aged care projects.

  • Industrial

    Our professionals know how to make logistics and industrial real estate work for you in successfully bridging your end-to-end network.

  • Occupier research

    Our Occupier research team will work with you to develop a property solution that maximises the value of your portfolio while supporting your business goals.

  • Office Leasing

    Partner with our team whose strategic and proactive approach to leasing your commercial real estate assets will enable you to focus on continuous financial growth.

  • Project Management

    Office fitout success is measured by more than just timelines and cost. We can assist you take your team on the journey and ensure you end up with a quality result at the right budget.

  • Retail

    Recognise the highest potential of your retail asset or portfolio with our full range of real estate services through our retail intelligence team.

  • Tenant Representation

    Our strategy-led transactions will ensure you not only get the best deal possible, but an outcome that supports your business objectives.

  • Valuations and Advisory

    We provide you with impartial and market leading advice backed by sophisticated cash-flow valuation models and benchmarking data, that results in pinpoint accuracy.