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Wouter joined JLL in 2015 and has an in-depth knowledge of the industry having undertaken a range of industrial, commercial and specialised property assignments for mortgage security, asset valuations for financial reporting, rent review (including negotiations, expert witness and arbitrations), insurance, commercial and industrial development feasibility and property consultancy.

He also holds an intimate knowledge of lease structures and valuation methods for a variety of commercial and industrial assets including specialist uses such as cool stores, fast food, aircraft hangers, service stations and railway corridors.

Wouter has more than 25 years’ of international experience in valuations, property advisory, rental negotiations and arbitrations, working in both government and private sector of the property valuation profession.

Prior to joining JLL, Wouter spent 10 years working for CBRE New Zealand. Since 2002, he has also worked for DTZ and Quotable Value New Zealand, both in Auckland.

Wouter’s work experience covers a wide range of commercial and industrial properties, including valuations of leasehold Interest and specialised assets such as service stations, cool stores, airport hangars and railway corridors.