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Career Paths

​​​​​​​​​Ranesh Parmar

Associate Director
Retail Sales

​​I have worked for JLL for four years now. I started as a graduate executive assistant while I was completing my Bcom/Bprop conjoint degree at the University of Auckland. Working in agency was a new and exciting experience and the exposure and market knowledge I gained during this period was of the highest standard and has enabled me to become a successful agent today.

After completing my degrees, I moved into a retail brokerage role and have been in the retail team since then.  My role as a retail agent includes a number of duties. It primarily involves leasing landlord's properties to retail tenants and conversely working with retailers to find suitable stores to establish their businesses. My role also includes an advisory element with retail developers, retail tenants and property consultants.

I have chosen to specialise in retail development so I work closely with a large number of property developers to establish feasible retail layouts and plans. I also work closely with franchised businesses to help fill their retail requirements throughout New Zealand.

My degrees from the University of Auckland have given me a broad range of skills that are transferrable into my role as a broker. They have allowed me to understand the overall skill set needed for a property professional and have been a key asset in my success to date. Further to this, the opportunities and resources provided to me by JLL have been key to establishing myself as a broker in the Auckland market. They have given me right skill set to communicate effectively with clients, establish networks and most importantly get deals across the line.

I have been fortunate enough to further improve these skills by attending the JLL "Step Up" leadership programme in Singapore. This is an event that is run for talented professionals throughout Asia Pacific. As a result of these opportunities and skills I was awarded the "Rookie of the year" award in 2013 and have recently been promoted to an Associate Director of the retail team at the age of 26.

Overall JLL is a great company to work for, whether it is in the agency, valuation, markets or various other teams. The overall environment is professional, friendly, social and very informative. You receive mentoring and training from top industry professionals with years of experienced and are exposed to training events to enhance your skills on a personal basis. Further to this you attend client events to build your client base and networks.

I have personally enjoyed my time at JLL and feel as though the training and resources invested in me have provided me with the opportunity to potentially become a top broker in Auckland. I would encourage potential employees to seek out opportunities with Human Resources and join the team at JLL.

Good Luck!​​