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Career Paths

​​​​​​​​​​​​Libby Wilson

Associate Director

After graduating from the University of Otago with a Tourism degree and a Commerce degree I didn’t know where I wanted to work, but I knew I wanted to be in marketing. I moved to Auckland from my home town in Wellington, as at the time there were more career opportunities and I thought it would be a great change. 

After a number of interviews, I accepted a role with JLL. I chose JLL as I connected with the team who I met in my interviews. JLL seemed to have a great culture, there were a number of opportunities to advance my career, and I loved the CBD offices! I was also looking forward to the challenge of learning about the commercial property industry. 

I took on the role of Agency Marketing Co-ordinator, and I was in charge of all the marketing for 30 agents. I soon mastered the role and needed another challenge. I mentioned this to my manager at the time and was then given more challenging work where I could apply the skills I had learnt from my role and from university. It was great seeing how the agents benefitted from my efforts and I was soon getting more and more work from them. I loved the challenges that I was faced with, the ability to make the job my own and see the results that I was generating for the company. 

Like many university graduates, I wanted to go travelling and do my Big OE. I had been with JLL for three years I contemplated trying for a transfer to another JLL office in Europe, but I had a greater desire to travel. So I handed in my notice and left JLL for a year of travel.

Upon returning to New Zealand 12 months later, I was ready for a new challenge and started looking for a new job. I contacted Nick Hargreaves for a reference but instead of a reference, he offered me to come back to JLL for a few months to help me get back into the New Zealand market. It was a great opportunity while I looked for a new role. 

After three months with JLL, I was lucky enough to be offered the permanent role of Marketing Manager. The role was completely different to my previous role and it was also a national role covering all business lines. As there had been no one in the role previously, it was really challenging and included setting up a marketing strategy for the whole of New Zealand. Four years later, I was promoted to Associate Director of Marketing and have a team of three marketing experts reporting to me. It’s an exciting role and I feel I’m part of taking JLL NZ to places it has never been before.  

I’ve now been with JLL since 2006 (with my year hiatus) and have had some incredible experiences including the opportunity to travel throughout New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. I’ve met some incredible people along the way and feel I have the autonomy to create a role that continually develops and challenges me and which supports JLL to grow.