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Career Paths

​​​​​​​​Liam Costley

​​​​​Assistant Property Manager
Property & Asset Management

I've worked for JLL for around 14 months.  I'm still completing my undergraduate degree in Property and Commerce (Commercial Law).  In my second semester at uni, I was lucky enough to find myself a job as a Residential Property Manager for an Auckland based company. About a year later, I won the JLL Scholarship that brought me here.

The great thing about working in JLL's Property & Asset Management (P​​AMS) is the quality of work that I'm given as a relatively junior property manager. I now manage four different properties. I couldn't expect that level of independence from any other business line.

Whilst what I'm learning at uni provides me with a good sound fundamental base of the workings of the property industry, I've found most that I've learned has been at work. It has showed me how the real world works and how you put theory into practice.

I started my career with JLL managing a TR portfolio in a gradual handover by the previous property manager. I was then given a shopping centre to manage, followed by an industrial complex and an office building, and more recently an industrial logistics centre.

The best training that I've had with JLL has been the unstructured on the job training, learning from the other property and facility managers.  I've used some of the online training modules offered at JLL which have been very informative, but most has been derived from the help of one of my colleagues in the field. All of the senior staff are very approachable, and always willing to help.